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We are Back with a NEW Blog-A-Day Challenge (BAD for Short) that you can start ANY Time

If you want to increase your visibility, your consistency or just get yourself started, then you have come to the right place.  We had such great results that we are making it a regular thing, means you can join anytime!

Join NOW so you can get full benefit.   You will also be supporting a great cause so it is a win-win all around.  

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Everyone Has a Message to share, let me help you share yours.

Hi, I am Sue Guiher and I have been on a mission to help business owners share their greatness with the world.  One way I have done this is through teaching effective marketing, speaking and writing.
 I am trying to  take the "SCARY" out of sharing your message especially around blogging  by changing how people FEEL and THINK about blogging.  The Blog-A-Day Challenge was born in 2013 as a way of helping Thriving Entrepreneurs to get over being afraid or overwhelmed by the idea of blogging.  And it has evolved since then with success story after success story.
"I grew my list by 3,000 subscribers and was asked to be a guest blogger on a scientific blog.  This has put our foundation in front of people who would have NEVER heard about us and our mission to change the way the world sees blindness."

In 2017,  I decided to make the challenge a fundraiser and  also made it ongoing, which means you can join anytime.We also doing another specific challenge in February 2018.
The Blog-A-Day Challenge is a great way to connect with other business owners who may need what you have to offer or who may want to collaborate on something really cool.  It is also still a way for you to learn lots from others.  AND it is a way to support CRB1 in their mission.
So I am asking you to support with a $20.20 donation for CRB1 (all money will go to them) and also get your message known.

So what are you waiting for?  Isn't it time that you were known as the expert I know you are?  (and the fact that we are helping a GREAT cause is a BONUS- see more below.)

Sue Guiher

Founder of Thrive for Success and the Blog-A-Day Challenge

How Does It Work


Simply click here to become a member of the Blog-A-Day Challenge.  You will be asked to donate  $20.20 for the challenge and this is going to the Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation.

You DON'T have to blog every day but we want you to do something everyday to get your message out there.  Don't have a blog?  No worries, you can post your information on LinkedIN, Pinterest, your Facebook Page OR you can be a commenter and read blogs and comment so you can create connections and enhance relationships.



Join the Blog-A-Day Challenge Facebook Group to support and be supported.

I’ve included loads of tips and support materials to help you along the way.  Each day will give more ideas to change your way of thinking about sharing your message.  We are aiming for  increasing your VISIBILITY!



I will send directions on how and where to post your link so EVERYONE can see it and connect with you.

This will be SUPER SIMPLE!


Start Today!

Click Here to Register as a BAD participant

Here is what Others Have Said- 

I Recommend That my CLients Take part in the BAD challenges (whenever they happen) becAuse I see the Results they Get in INcreased Visibility.
Dr. Jennifer Gardella- SOCIAl Media Consultant